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Mitutoyo 513-515T Dial Test Indicator - Set

Brand: Mitutoyo

Model No: 513-515T

Order Code: 513-515T

Warranty: 1 year

Stock Status : Instock

Price : $260.00 CAD

Jeweled bearings assure higher sensitivity and accuracy.
Reversible measuring direction.
Two holding bars are supplied. (Full sets only.)
Fully adjustable bezel/dial face.
Contact point is adjustable within 220 degrees.
Bezel is sealed with an O-ring to keep out water/oil.
Metric Basic Set: Pocket Test Indicator with 2mm Contact Point, 8mm Stem, and Spanner Wrench
Metric Full Set: Pocket Test Indicator with 2m Contact Point, 4mm Stem, Swivel Clamp, 100 Holding Bar, 8mm Diameter Holding Rod

The Mitutoyo 513-515T Pocket Dial Test Indicator Full Set has the following specifications:
Range: 1mm
Graduation: 0.01mm
Dial Reading: 0-50-0
Type: Full Set
Accuracy: 10um
Measuring force: 0.3N or less
Contact Point Length:44.5mm
Long Contact Point Type: N
Jeweled Bearing Type: N
Compact Type: Y


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