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Tekneka IRC500 Precision Infrared Temperature Calibrator, 95 ~ 932°F

Brand: Tekneka

Model No: IRC500

Order Code: IRC500

Range: 35 ~ 500°C / 95 ~ 932°F

Warranty: 1 Year

Stock Status : Instock

Original price Price Was : $7,790.00
Current price Price : $6,790.00 CAD
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The Tekneka IRC500 Precision Infrared Calibrator offers swift, precise, and user-friendly calibration for infrared thermometers and thermal imagers. Tailored for devices operating within its temperature range, it presents an ideal solution for achieving optimal performance. Effortlessly measure infrared temperatures with precision using the radio-metrically calibrated Tekneka IRC500. Delivering accurate and reliable performance across a temperature range of 35 ~ 500°C, this calibration device ensures consistent results. Notably, it accommodates most thermometers with a target size of 152mm (6 inches) for calibration. Featuring an easy-to-read display that indicates temperature stability, and equipped with a network interface for Ethernet, the IRC500 combines user-friendly design with advanced capabilities.


 High-precision infrared temperature measurement from 35 ~ 500°C / 95 ~ 932°F
 Accurate, dependable performance and great stability
 Network interface for Ethernet
 Most thermometers require a large target size of 152mm (6 inches) to be calibrated
 Radio-metrically calibrated for meaningful, consistent results
 Easy-to-read, intuitive display that shows when the temperature is stable


 Widely used in Calibration laboratories, Thermal imaging camera manufacturers, Manufacturing quality control, Service centers, Medical sectors, Energy sectors, Food industries, Building inspections, Pharmaceuticals, and Production facilities.


 AC Power Cable


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