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Tekneka RCAL33 LCR Meter

Brand: Tekneka

Model No: RCAL33

Order Code: RCAL33

Warranty: 1 Year

Stock Status : Instock

Price : $299.00 CAD

Introducing the Tekneka RCAL33, a versatile and portable multi-function LCR meter built for precise measurements. It provides complete solutions for measuring inductance (L), capacitance (C), AC resistance (R), DC resistance (DCR), dissipation factor (D), and quality factor (Q) with an unmatched accuracy of 0.3% and a resolution of 0.01%. Its dual LCD panel, with 19,999/1,999 counts, provides excellent readings even in low-light circumstances, with optional backlighting. The auto LCR mode displays characteristics likeθ, Q, D, and Rp and intelligently determines the types of impedance. It is simple to do an open/short calibration, and the results provide a PASS/FAIL rating for rapid evaluation. Users can simply control, record, analyze, and print data on a PC with a USB interface.


 3-inch LCD screen, digital and analog scale with backlight
 Measures L, C, R, DCR, D, and Q parameters precisely
 It has automatic LCR smart measuring and check
 LCR setup secondary parameters θ, Q, D, and Rp are displayed
 Control, record, analyze, and print data on a PC via USB
 Open/short calibration mode with outcomes of PASS/FAIL
 To freeze the measurement, select the Data Hold option
 Relative mode REL% is between -99.9% ~ 99.9%


 Tekneka RCAL33 is widely used by Instrument control technicians, calibration laboratories, industrial field service engineers, quality control professionals, maintenance technicians, and automation and control system engineers.


 Shielding Clip Line
 Kelvin 4 Terminal Measure Line
 Short Socket
 6 x AAA Batteries
 USB Cable
 PC Link Software CD
 Calibration Certificate
 User Manual


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