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Tekneka WS400E 7-In-1 Weather Monitoring Station, 868 MHz

Brand: Tekneka

Model No: WS400E

Order Code: WS400E

Warranty: 1 Year

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The Tekneka WS400E 7-in-1 weather monitoring station has a self-emptying rain collection for detecting Rainfall, a UV Index, Light Intensity, an Anemometer, a Wind Vane, and Temperature and Humidity sensors. Up to 150 meters away, it uses a low-power radio frequency to transmit data to the console. Additionally, it analyzes the data for your ease of viewing, showing rainfall as a percentage of total rainfall, as well as daily, weekly, and monthly records and various degrees of wind speed. Various helpful readings are also included, including feels like Wind-Chill, Heat Index, Dew Point, and Comfort Level. For the purpose intended, this station is a genuinely amazing personal professional weather station with an integrated radio-controlled and atomic clock feature.


 Easy to keep an eye on both interior and outdoor weather conditions
 Wireless data transmission with an estimated operational range of 150 meters
 Gives absolute and relative barometric pressure values
 It has a UV index, a light intensity index, and a weather index
 Rainfall rate measured on a daily, weekly, monthly, and total basis
 Hourly history records over the previous 24 hours are easily recalled
 Indoor temperature and humidity are measured, and the comfort level and dew point are indicated
 Displays the maximum and minimum values for all parameters along with the precise time and date
 Hi/Lo alert with flashing amber LED indication (inside and outdoor temperature, wind speed, and rainfall)
 LCD backlights blink automatically for any system alerts and alarms
 Users can understand by indications of wireless signal strength, wind blowing direction, weather forecasting, temperature and humidity trend indicators, and comfort zone indication
 Clock mode operates at 868MHz frequency for EU and UK regions (in all other countries, the users can manually set the clock mode)


 The WS400E is extensively utilized in various settings such as farms and agricultural teams, construction companies, meteorological agencies, educational institutions, the manufacturing sectors, environment organizations, research institutes, event organizing companies, museums & historical sites, and sports facilities.


 Mounting Pole
 Mounting Base
 Mounting Clamp
 6 x 1.5V AA Batteries
 Bolt & Nut Kit
 User Manual


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