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Testo 206-pH2 : pH/Temperature Measuring Instrument for Semi-Solid Media

Brand: Testo

Model No: 206-pH2

Order Code: 0563 2066

Range: 32° to 140 °F / 0 to 14 pH

Warranty: 1 year

Stock Status : Instock

Price : $572.00 CAD

The cosmetics industry, the food industry, the metal industry: the testo 206-pH2 pH/temperature measuring instrument can be used virtually anywhere. That’s because it’s ideally suited for measuring the pH value of semi-solid media like, for example:
●  Viscous and protein-containing foodstuffs like jelly, cheese, fruit etc.
●  Liquid and soft or paste-like materials like creams and oils
●  Water-mixed solid cooling lubricants

Clever measuring technology: the testo 206-pH2 starter set for pH/temperature measurement
The testo 206-pH2 pH/temperature measuring instrument is equipped with a pH immersion tip and an integrated temperature sensor which allow you to carry out quick and reliable pH measurements and accurate core temperature measurements simultaneously.
Thanks to the full-size gel electrolyte volume and annular clearance, the pH sensor is not only leakproof and maintenance-free, but also extremely durable and insensitive to dirt.
Calibration dosing bottles: Our DAkkS-certified calibration solutions are suitable for calibrating the pH probe. The pH probe is calibrated in the integrated dosing aperture of the calibration dosing bottle. This guarantees economical use of the calibration solution.
The automatic final value recognition function supports you throughout your measurements.
Hygienic and rugged
The testo 206-pH2 pH/temperature measuring instrument comes with a TopSafe protective case which gives it its IP68 rating: the hygienic, dishwasher safe case protects the instrument against dirt, water and impact.
The aluminium case protects your pH/temperature measuring instrument during transport and storage.
Equipment Includes
Starter set testo 206-pH2 pH/temperature measuring instrument, pH2 probe head for semi-solid substances, incl. storage cap with gel, calibration dosing bottles 250 ml pH 4 and 7, TopSafe, belt/wall holder and aluminium case.


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