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Hioki's new Battery Tester BT3554-50

Hioki's new Battery Tester BT3554-50 streamlines lead-acid battery diagnostics with audio measurement and recording guidance*1 and functionality for registering profiles*2.

Battery Tester BT3554-50

The Battery Tester BT3554-50 sets a new standard for interruptible power supply (UPS) and lead-acid battery diagnostics in buildings, manufacturing plants, and datacenters. The optional Wireless Adapter Z3210 can be installed to enable Bluetooth(R) wireless communications with smartphones and tablets, while GENNECT Cross, a free app from Hioki, can be used to review, manage, and create reports using measured values.

Lead-acid batteries must be regularly inspected, making it necessary to manage the resulting measurement data. However, it’s all too easy to make mistakes when measuring and recording values at sites with large numbers of batteries, adversely impacting efficiency by requiring technicians to go back and repeat measurements. Additionally, data management was made more labor-intensive by the lack of a simple solution for linking measurement data to measurement locations.

Nowadays, adoption of renewable energy has surged as businesses work to realize a sustainable society, and demand for lead-acid batteries for use in energy storage applications is expected to continue to grow in the future.

Wireless Adapter Z3210

To address these issues and streamline growing maintenance workloads, Hioki has developed an audio measurement and recording guide to assist in the measurement process as well as profile registration functionality.


● Measurement and recording guidance so you don’t have to go back and redo work When paired with GENNECT Cross, your smartphone or tablet will provide audio guidance announcing the next battery number to be measured based on the profile (including location, device, and battery number information). This feature prevents mistakes in sequencing and provides audio announcements of judgment results. Measurement data is automatically recorded on the instrument and sent to your smartphone at the same time. As a result, measurement and recording can be performed quickly and reliably.

● Profile registration function for simple data management. By registering profiles with GENNECT Cross or the included desktop application GENNECT ONE and transferring them to the BT3554-50 prior to measurement, you can link measurement data and diagnostic results to profile data when saving them. This capability simplifies data management, even when performing diagnostic work on large numbers of batteries.

Proprietary measurement technology to accurately assess lead-acid battery degradation Ordinarily, measured values will fail to stabilize if the UPS is operating due to the effects of noise from nearby inverters. Hioki’s proprietary noise reduction technology allows accurate measurement, even in noisy environments.

Principal Applications / Customers
● Maintenance inspections of UPS systems and lead-acid batteries
● Maintenance inspection workers and managers

Battery Tester BT3554-50(Instrument only)
Battery Tester BT3554-51(Pin Type Lead 9465-10 bundle)
Battery Tester BT3554-52(Pin Type Lead L2020 bundle)
Wireless Adapter Z3210(Option)
*1 Use of audio measurement and recording guidance requires the optional Wireless Adapter Z3210 and the free app GENNECT Cross (Ver. 1.8 or later, available in 2021).
*2 To use the profile information registration function, requires the optional Wireless Adapter Z3210 and the free app GENNECT Cross (Ver. 1.8 or later, available in 2021) or the standard accessory PC application software GENNECT One is required.
*Company and product names used in this release are the trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

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