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Currently the demand for electrical devices used in energy conservation and alternative energy applications is reaching unprecedented levels, for example solar panels, electric vehicles, motors, and inverters. As they work to develop such devices, manufacturers pursue improvements in energy conversion efficiency on the order of 0.1%. Analysis of motors used in electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) provides an example of such improvements. EVs and HEVs use a battery to power a motor but at the same time they also control the motor with an inverter for maximum efficiency. By measuring power between the battery and inverter, and between the inverter and the motor, and then performing a comparative analysis of the two quantities, it is possible to ascertain the energy conversion efficiency. Demand for the ability to measure conversion efficiency of power conditioners used in solar power systems is also increasing. 

The POWER ANALYZER PW3390 is a high-precision, broad-range power analyzer for measuring electrical power from DC to inverter frequencies, providing four input channels to support single- and three-phase inverter motor systems up to 4000 A AC/DC with superior accuracy. It also has high-speed calculation of transient-state power in 50 ms, harmonic analysis, display of instantaneous waveforms, noise analysis, and simultaneous parallel calculation of all parameters including efficiency loss.

Key Applications

● Development, manufacture, maintenance, and management of electrical devices used in energy conservation and alternative energy applications
● Batteries, motors, inverters, solar panels, power conditioners, electric vehicles, air conditioners, etc.

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